This site is being built starting December 22, 2010. In the course of 2011, I hope to have most of the recipes and tips from Uprisings: The Whole Grain Bakers’ Book posted. (OK, it’s 2015 and I only have a few recipes up, but I keep adding them.)

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  1. I’m not %100 about this, as an idea. The work was copyright, and a lot of people contributed recipes that were never compensated, because they wanted to help the collectives grow. There was terrible bad blood over the Moosewood Book, if you recall, and this seems like the same kind of piling on.

    If you are a professional chef, your recipes are yours, or your contract stipulates they stay with the restaurant. For the people who shared themselves through this work, they are still entitled to be the ‘owners’ of it.

    Copyright is particularly fraught in environments where women have traditionally been creative, as well. The idea that an individual is the author of a sock pattern or a recipe is easily dismissed in a world where women’s work is under or uncompensated.

    I worked at Yeast-West for many years, although I was not a collective member (I was on 3 other collectives, lol). I carried my copy of Uprisings with me across the country, and visited many of the bakeries. I surfed over here reminiscing about those days, and just had to give you my two cents.

  2. Brooke, thanks for your comment. I agree that I don’t want to infringe on the work of others, which is one of the reasons why I have only posted recipes so far from bakeries that have closed. I will not post recipes from operating collectives without their permission.

    Do others reading this have opinions to contribute?

    – Lee
    Uprisings Baking Collective (Berkeley) Member 1988-90.

  3. I’m very interested in getting these recipes, but when I click on the pdf version there isn’t even one recipe there. Can you tell me where to get them? I’m diabetic and need only whole grain

    1. There are no recipes other than those you can see as regular HTML pages. If you click on the PDF generator, you should be taken to another website that generates the PDF document, based on the page here. You can also just print any recipes you see directly to your printer.
      I hope to get more recipes up throughout the year; if you like what you see here already, you may want to purchase the book from Abebooks.com or Amazon.com.

  4. hi there

    i grew up in ann arbor where wild flour bakery was(i think they were instrumental in the uprisings collective and the publication of its book, which i own)- lately i have been looking for pictures and things from wild flour and also from the next door peoples food coop before it modernized(it used to be all made out of wood and run entirely by pretty hard core activistic sorts of folks)- these things have proven elusive!

    this site makes me happy though! i think that was an interesting movement, teh collective wholegrain bakeries things, and it certainly gave me inspiration and nice CHEAP bread to boot as a kid in a very different ann arbor. . . . . it was before natural foods became re-commodified as a special priviledge of the well off, and cooperatives were sprouting up to provide really good work environments for working people and healthy but AFFORDABLE foods for them too! sigh. . . .but i wax nostalgic-

    if you like, i can hunt around and see what i can post up here. the two items i remember that were really good and also rather unusual were Veggie Roll Up(and of healthy whoel grain calzone tpe thing) and Essene Rolls- made of ground up sprouts of various grains in stead of flour, with raisins and peacans. . . . .

    love and rockets
    katt hernandez

  5. It’s great to see at least some of this getting online, so that people can find it without having to search out a copy of the old book, which is hard to find.

    thank you Lee, and whoever else has taken this on–I had no idea until today that this was here. Would love to talk to you about it

    Uprisings Baking collective Member 1975-1997

  6. Just found this site- thank you for putting it online!

    on the Rise’s recipes (Syracuse, NY) were always anti-copyright. We’d have no issue with you publishing ours even if we were still in operation. We always gave them out freely.

    ~Dar, collective member, on the Rise Bakery, Syracuse NY 1994-1996

  7. Hi Dar,

    I had a good time when I visited On the Rise for the Whole Grain Education Association, of collective, organic bakeries, convention–not sure what year that was.. Were you there when OTR hosted us?

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