Rebel Bakers Collective, San Diego, CA

Rebel Bakers Collective; San Diego, CA

There were many things we were tempted to write about. We wanted to explain everything; obviously impossible in several paragraphs or pages. What seems most important to express here is what we are trying to do. And the essence of that is trying to become whole human beings.

From our individual and collective experience, not from some book, we realized that the first step in this process was the unconscious or conscious awareness that life, not merely survival, is based on people working/playing together, struggling together for and against things, choosing together how to work/play, how to fight. It is in this fight, this struggle against the destruction and degradation of personality, of people as creatures with emotions, of whole races, of women, of the working class, that we glimpse what it is to be really human, to be really free.

Admittedly, most of our time is necessarily survival time, concretely expressed in working to have money or things to make it through the day, week, or month. That we try to work from each according to her/his ability, not by a fixed weekly schedule or quota, and paid according to her/his need, not by time clocked or goods produced, still does not obscure the truth that we are still peddlers of commodities, of ourselves; that we are still working to survive. What keeps us rebel bakers is not any weird business thrill, nor the healthy whole grain, dairyless, eggless sweets and breads (although this latter one is important to us), it is the moment beyond the yoke of produce and sell, beyond cause and effect, beyond dead time.

We all have had these moments — when we do something for the pure joy of doing it. And then we look around and see one another doing it for the same reason, and a smile and tears wash our faces. It is moments like these, exultant in the process of creation for the creation’s sake, and then realizing that this is much different from, in fact, antithetical to, Amerika’s way of working that we become a potential threat.

But the learp to being an actual threat, the leap beyond the crap of everyday life, is fleeting if we are alone. The barricades, the creating of a spiritual and physical community of resistance and liberation is only a dream without you, you who read these pages.

Don’t go home or into the kitchen and just bake by yourself. Get yoru friends and neighbors and bake with them, create together, discuss what it means or would mean to work/play collectively.

Certainly don’t read and whole book by and about collective and cooperative bakeries and baking and just ust the recipes. Take the whole spirit that we’ve offered here, and then take it into the streets. ‘nuf said.


Oh, yes. We hope you will experiment with these recipes, changing or adding whatever you like. Be creative. We made 15 different experiments for the carrot cake’s tofu frosting. Do the same. Never be satisfied. Demand the impossible.

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