Uprisings Baking Collective, Berkeley, CA

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Uprisings Baking Collective is a worker-run whole grain bakery located in Berkeley. Established in 1975, Uprisings produces naturally baked goods made with organic whole grain flours, fresh fruits and vegetables, and never with white or brown sugar. The fifteen workers here turn out over 2,000 loaves of bread each week plus thousands of cookies and hundreds of pounds of granola every week. We deliver our baked goods all over Berkeley, and at our storefront sell a variety of baked goods and groceries at the lowest prices around.

There is no boss here–all decisions are made by the workers. Conflicts are solved co-operatively, and major decisions are made at regular workers’ meetings. All workers participate in most aspects of the bakery — from sales and baking, to clean-up and bookkeeping. We emphasize the development of each worker to their fullest potential.

Uprisings is very much a community bakery, with its workers involved in a cross-section of progressive causes and groups. The bakery as a whole periodically endorses benefits and demonstrations and has distributed hundreds of thousands of label-sized inserts in its bread — publicizing countless solidarity meetings, countercultural institutions, anti-nuclear, anti-racist and anti-imperialist events and campaigns. We are well aware that an Uprisings Bakery constructed on our principles will only survive in the long run if we encourage uprisings in every phase of society.

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